• Fundación dedicada al desarrollo y  promoción  de la conciencia colectiva.

    Conectar – colaborar y compartir


We are a foundation that develops and promotes collective consciousness, propelled by its members and volunteers, who make up an ecosystem that creates, supports and executes socially responsible ideas, projects and entrepreneurships that are willing to co-create a better



  • Promotes

    Consciousness, Knowledge, Collaboration, Entrepreneurship, Society= Co-revolution

  • Co-

    Models, platforms and strategies to pass on knowledge in an agile way that allow to eradicate the poverty paradigm, bringing together states (nations), organizations, companies, brands and individuals, ideally in an anonymous way.

  • Propels

    Any ides under execution that contributes to developing humanity in a collective way.

  • Develops

    Socialy responsible ideas and enterperneurships with the contribution of intellect, time, effort and capital of its members, volunteers and sponsors.

  • Connects

    Individuals, ideas and entrepreneurs to achieve multiplying actions



With the purpose to promote cultural exchange and flow of agile knowledge in a global manner, anywhere in the world where there is a member of the foundation who has the role of ambassador.
Today in Colombia – Bogotá, Medellín, Ibagué, Bucaramanga

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